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Karkat x Reader: Stargazing
You stood, shivering, on your porch, looking out at Karkat's vast yard. You were over at his hive to have a shitty movie night when he randomly walked out of the house and disappeared into the darkness. That was an hour ago. You had been standing here, trying to will yourself to leave the light. You couldn't. The moron who lived here owned no flashlights and you were absolutely, completely terrified of the dark. Your definition of a night light is a bunch of lamps situated so that there would be absolutely no dark shadows. It was hard to sleep sometimes.
However, your anxiety over your friend outweighed your own. And so you bravely took a step forward into the dark space, where you were completely defenseless, blind, and unable to navigate. Damn, this was hard. But you forced yourself to walked forward and scan as best you could the surrounding area.
You shrieked and jumped back at the sound, only to realize that you had accidentally kicked Karkat's head. You could dimly see his outline looking up at the two moons and the red stars.
"W-what are you doing, Karkat?! It's night and you're lying here with your guard down!"
"Come lay down with me, then." He seemed unusually calm.
"W-what?! No! Come back inside!" You squeaked.
He sighed and sat up. "Just fucking lay down. It's not that hard to relax."
You quivered violently and shook your head. Karkat frowned and yanked you down. "Sit."
You sat, clutching onto him with your legs curled up, still shaking. "Please, Karkat, let's jus-"
"Look up, (Name)." He pointed at the sky and you could see several shooting stars. "Make a wish."
I wish... I wish I could be braver and just relax... Especially around Karkat... you thought.
Morning found the two of you cuddled up on the grass with Karkat's sweatshirt covering you. Maybe you could conquer your fears after all.
This is somewhat based on actual events. Last night my friends and I went outside at like 9 at night and we wandered around. Karkat was an ass and randomly dropped behind to lay on the grass. Nepeta has anxiety about the dark, but she's supposed to be conquering her fears, so finally Karkat, Kanaya, Nepeta, Meulin and I lay back in a star thingy and watched the sky for a while. Nepeta kept freaking out until we told her to pretend one of the stars was Ciel. That gave her lots to think about. However, we freaked out and ran back inside when a car came up the driveway. BRIGHT LIGHTS ARE SCARY. Anyway, Reader-chan is partially based on my Nepeta(the anxiety itself) and partially me (more worried about others facing my fears than myself). ALSO: I used the homestuck names cuz they all have names that are pretty rare and I dunt want them to be abducted or sumfin. But they don't read Homestuck because they suck.
Also, I know I said I would write about Karkat being in lady like clothing, but our Karkat was an ass and wouldn't wear the dress because our Equius couldn't come and dress up too. We were going to put wigs on them and everything! -_-
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