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Dave: Watch.

It has been 1 year, 254 days, 3 hours, 45 minutes, and 6 seconds since you set foot on this goddamned meteor. Being the Knight of Time has not been a blessing recently.

You have watched every movie, read every book, and browsed all of the art anyone brought on. You have built Can Town with the Mayor. You have subjected Can Town to a full-scale disaster. You have rebuilt Can Town with a new Center for Meteorology and Disaster Watch. You have dated 3 people (as much as you can date on a lonely rock) and broken up with all three of them. You are tired. So. Very. Tired.

Sometimes you wonder if it's worth it. So what if you manage to jumpstart the null session? What are you going to do after that? You have posed these questions to everyone here. No one has had an answer.

So lately you've taken to sitting on a chair and drawing. Drawing the scene in front of you. Drawing your meteormates. Drawing the fossils you've alchemized. Drawing the people you miss. Drawing the people you don't miss. It's taken a lot of paper, and a lot of pencils. You're thinkimg about getting Rose to whip up some oil pastels for you, just to shake things up. You'll ask her later.

You've taken to bringing along an extra sketchbook into dream bubbles. You'll offer it to whoever comes along, and the two of you will sit and sketch each other. Not always, though. Sometimes one of you will draw something that's on their mind, but that's fine with you. You like seeing what they're thinking of.

It has been 1 year, 254 days, 3 hours,  46 minutes, and 17 seconds since you set foot on this goddamned meteor, and Karkat has decided to join you in your sketching chair. You offer him the extra sketchbook, which he accepts silently. Clearly something is wrong when Karkat Vantas is silent. But you soldier on with your drawing of a rad bird. It's got some sick plumage. It's one of your sillier drawings, you must admit.

Karkat clears his throat and practically throws the sketchbook at you, running out of the room immediately after. You inspect the afflicted area for wounds to blame Karkat for. You can't find any. So you look at his borrowed sketchbook.


You have taken to calling a crater on the meteor The Pit. Until now, you hadn't realized anyone else was also calling it that. So you carefully replaced the wax paper in your sketchbook and stood up to follow Karkat to The Pit.

Upon reaching The Pit, you find a furiously blushing Karkat (and by "furiously", you mean he looks positively furious that he's embarassed) holding his hand out to you, like he's been waiting for you and it's your goddamned fault this is taking so long. So you take his hand calmly (like a cool guy) and let him pull you into The Pit, where he gestures to you to lay down.

You find it odd that he hasn't said a single word to you. You lie down next to him, and the two of you stay there, staring up at the occasionally interrupted blackness, for a few hours.

It has been 1 year, 254 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes, and 54 seconds since you set foot on this goddamned meteor, and the occasionally interrupted staleness of life on a giant hunk of rock has just been interrupted.
Dave x Karkat. Dave: Watch
It's been a while, guys. In that while, I've reread Homestuck twice. And this is not a comeback for me: this doesn't mark the return of SilenceOfTheMongooses. At least, not on DeviantArt. I've checked in on this account a couple times over the year I haven't been here, and I am amazed how popular my work has been. My most-viewed work on here has almost 18,000 views. That's insane. But I'm just not the person I was a few years ago. So if you'd like to keep up with whatever the hell I'm doing in my life, follow me on tumblr at the same username, silenceofthemongooses. Thanks, duckies, for making me feel like I was doing something right.
Updates on My Life Because I Like Writing These Things!
-I got scores back from NACLO- 38%. Needless to say, I did not get into the invitational. But it was super fun and I'd love to do it again next year!
-I started going to therapy, yay! Thursday was my second session and already I'm sleeping so much better and communicating a little bit more. I tend to just keep it all in, unfortunately. But we're working on it and already we're pinpointing negative thoughts- I love this so much!
-I started playing softball again. :T It really hasn't been fun; depression screws things up. I had to go to the first day of tryouts today and I wasn't fully in it. Honestly, I'd rather do something else, like take up the violin again, or start studying more languages. But my parents have been insistent upon it. 
-My school bag is falling apart ;-;. It had elephants on it and everything. But have no fear! I am going to sew a new one and use some of the old fabric... As to what it will look like, I have no idea. Suggestions are welcome! I need enough room for a thick binder, 4 spiral notebooks, 4 composition notebooks, about 3 novels, and a pencil case. Go!
-I started listening to The Thrilling Adventure Hour! It's so awesome! My favorite arc is Beyond Belief- Sadie Doyle is the best!
-I tried playing Killer Instinct for the first time in years. Needless to say, it did not end well. Did you know there's an actual plot to that?
-I registered for all my classes next year. I'm in two different pathways, which means my life for the next three years will revolve around engineering( only taking that pathway for the Civil Engineering) and construction management and design. It's a good thing I like isometric sketching. 
-I had an anxiety attack last night. -_- My dad said I needed to go to tryouts-now listen this is how much I hate it- and I couldn't do it. I was hyperventilating, shaking, crying, and I couldn't be touched. Ugh. He suggested quitting after a week if I really didn't like it and since that would require talking extensively to the coaches that just set me off more. And we had to go to the stores after that. And there was a girl who was at conditioning working at the pretzel place and she recognized me and ugh she's really nice and super sweet but I really didn't want to talk to anyone. Meh. 
-There's a rumour going around that I'm dating this guy in three of my classes?? We don't even talk??? I don't even know the girl who asked me about it?? Ugh, that's the third I've heard about me this year. First that I was dating Horuss( definitely not, but at least people asked me directly), then that I was gay( after cutting my hair short -_- and they asked my 'friends'- by the way I need new ones- and wow really random people at my school you can ask me if I'm dating a guy but god forbid you question me about my sexuality- asexual panromantic for those who are curious) and now this. People suck. 
-I started researching atheistic Satanism and it sounds like my kinda thing. Please don't ask if I'm going to sacrifice animals. Don't be ignorant/stupid. Do some research. 
Umm... Yeah, that's about it. If you wanna ask something, go ahead!


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Hi! I'm a student and a writer. Sometimes I might talk to you. Sometimes I might make random comments. Sometimes I do weird shit. Please ignore everything that seems strange. Thank you.

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